Twist, our brains keep working after death

What happens after death? What happens when we die? Questions that have always tormented man and pushed him to deepen the subject technically and clearly on the scientific level.

Now a team of scientists from Stony Brook University of Medicine in New York has achieved a really cool study, examining patients who had suffered cardiac arrest in both the United States and Europe and noticing that the resuscitated people remembered doctors’ conversations about their hips after. Cardiac arrest.

Andrew BrooksGetty Images

Study leader Dr. Sam Parnia explained that the moment when death is announced is when the heart stops beating. At that moment it stops pumping blood to the brain which slowly starts to shut down. He added that this process of arrest may take hours, and the person may have died during this period, but he is aware of his surroundings.

It is probably precisely for this reason that some of the revived people remember lights, sounds, and events that are often related to the afterlife or the paranormal but are more likely related to the fact that we are still trapped in our own bodies.

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