Volleyball, Nations League, Italy starts successfully, beat Serbia 3-1

In the Santarelli-De Gennaro family match, the Blues won with an excellent choral performance: Egonu 22 points, Degradi 16

Italy – Serbia 3-1 (21-25, 25-14, 25-15, 25-20) The Italy journey begins with success in the second week. Against Serbia Santarelli (the family challenges his wife Moki de Gennaro), the Blues netted a victory that takes them up the standings, crucial to reaching the top eight and securing a place in the Ankara finals in mid-July. Italy does not benefit from breaking three points in the first set and disappearing (lost the first set (25-21), but from the second things changed drastically because the team pushed Igono (22 points for her in the end), from the wall of Ana Danisi and the balance that comes from Bosetti starts In collecting points from the second set onwards and the Serbs return.Nothing to do for the Santarelli team, while Italy is more and more comfortable inside the match.Serbia, led by Santarelli, entrusted its reaction to Lazovic, who could not face Italy, which actually turned compared to the first set (16-10) ., the second collection is clearly archived (25-14).


This was the decisive move for a different evening at Azzurri’s home: from that moment Chirichella and her teammates always held the ball in their hands and did not allow themselves to return with Degradi feeling more and more comfortable in this role owner and able .. to finish the challenge with 16 points. With Serbia that has always tried to get back without success. Italy will return to the field on Thursday night in Italy, at 11 pm, live on Sky, they will face the Dominicans, in another match to win if Italy still wants to rise in the standings.

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