“Watermelons are like Putin, killer propaganda.” – Libero Quotidiano

Killer propaganda. Italian teacher Rosie Predotti So sets a meeting Georgia Meloni away to Marbella, Spain, for an electoral appointment of the Iberian allies Fox. Regarding La7 a half past eightguest Lily Gruber, visibly horrified Pradotti listened to Meloni’s slogans before the right-wing audience openly applauding her: “Either we say yes or we say no. Yes to the normal family, no to LGBT woes, yes to gender identity, no to gender culture, yes to culture of life no to abyss.” Death, yes to the universality of the cross no to Islamic violence, yes to secure borders no to mass immigration, yes to the work of our people, no to big international finance. Long live patriots Europe.

“Killer Propaganda, Meloni Like Putin”: Watch Rosie Predotti’s 8:30 video

Braidotti shakes her head, then comments: “I am afraid My dear Lily, this tune cherished the electoral victory, the fury against the so-called enemies of sacred values. God home and family. Violent language against homosexuals, non-mothers, and immigrants.”

“At the same time – adds the philosopher – it reassures me that I understand the truth of Meloni. It seems to me that it follows deadly anger Kirill Putin And the dig inwho also claim those values ​​but exclusively Russian and in contrast todecadent westAnd the. That is why they want to destroy us.” Hence the result, which leaves Gruber e Alessandro Giuli Dread: “Different discourses are ideologically united around violence, misogyny, homophobia and Advertising at all killer Which makes me very scared and sad. If this is the program I’ll be staying on abroad, thanks.”

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