We purify the liver and blood with drinks that benefit the immune system, but we pay attention to the undesirable effects of the longevity elixir.

Having healthy gut bacteria is essential to prevent our body from getting sick. In fact, the metabolic and immune systems are linked to the microbe, a kind of barrier that must be kept in balance, protecting us from external pathogens. In the intestine there are live microorganisms that are essential to our health as they fight pathogens. They are called probiotics, because they are secreted by one organism and stimulate the growth of other organisms. Probiotics can be obtained through yogurt and fermented foods that are rich in fiber.

Lactic yeasts are very important to our gut. They should always be taken, but especially when a bacterial flora or gut abnormality is tested. They are the main foods of diets that should help those suffering from metabolic diseases. Its ability to purify the blood by lowering cholesterol levels is critical when deciding how to supplement the daily diet.

Allergies and health

If we purify the liver and blood with lactic yeast, we will have a better chance of getting rid of some of the extra fat. There is a convenient and healthy yogurt drink on the market. Generated by a variable applied to the production process, it will be a mixture between acidified milk and yoghurt.

Their consumption should also be regulated based on the calories we should consume during the day. We must be careful not to take too much. When introduced into the regular diet, probiotic liquid yogurt will instead give the right amount of nutrients and, thanks to live lactic fermentation, will strengthen the immune system.

The World Allergy Organization, for example, recommends regular consumption of probiotics for women during pregnancy. Live lactic yeasts can help a child cope with episodes of food intolerance. Thanks to the increase in T cells, probiotics stimulate the immune response, which makes allergies less invasive even in adults, that is, they reduce the extent of symptoms and discomfort.

We purify the liver and blood with drinks that benefit the immune system, but we pay attention to the undesirable effects of the longevity elixir.

Several stars of the show have claimed to keep their guts and stomachs healthy by drinking a tea-like drink. Known as the elixir of longevity and coming from China, Kombucha tea is said to be rich in probiotics which are good for your health. It is a sparkling drink obtained from the fermentation of sweetened tea and the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts.

There is no scientific data confirming the properties of kombucha tea, which, however, contains vitamin B and probiotics that are healthy for the human body. However, undesirable effects such as nausea, vomiting and allergic reactions were recorded. So two sides were formed, one in favor and the other against. Those who belong to the second claim that even the preservation and consumption of this drink must follow certain rules, including avoiding the use of ceramics.

We can keep buying liquid yoghurt if we want to drink a fresh nutritious and thirst quenching drink or we can try something new. The important thing is to treat the news with caution.

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