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Pete Haynes – Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda Softworks – revealed it inside starfield We can Ship theft As well as creating our own space. Information shared while viewing the Xbox Extended Game.

“We don’t want to place too many restrictions on what a player can and cannot do,” he said. Heinz While viewing Xbox Extended Games, referring to the player’s ability to steal anything not anchored to the ground in Starfield. “We love it when players say, ‘I wonder what would happen if…’ and then they try.”

“Oh yeah, I ran to ship theftHaynes said, “You shot all the crew and left. How… do you do that? You can do anything. I think it’s a special part of Bethesda Game Studios.”

Space battle in Starfield

there Heinz explained It’s very limited, so it’s not clear how much we’ll be able to do with stolen ships. Furthermore, you will need to understand what happens if you leave your ship. The idea, however, is that Starfield is designed to give the player maximum freedom.

For the construction of our ship, there will be many aesthetic and playful options. We also know that the dialogue will be first-person and the character will not have a voice.

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