Whoever has money will lose part of it

Warning for those who have cash in their mail book or bank account because they can lose up to 15% in just 3 years. Here’s what you need to know about it.

This is what we are witnessing is a certain historical period. The main themes for this first part of 2022 are inflation, post-pandemic economic hardship and the war in Ukraine. Context caused many increases, both in food and in home users. Financial problems that can also affect family savings.

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It is not new that 2022 is at the center of the price boom that is beginning to appear in Italians’ wallets. The price hikes in recent months have been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, especially food and energy costs. Inflation, which remains consistently high across Europe and beyond, is causing problems for central banks, which are also balancing the risks of a recession.

Prices in the Eurozone continued their upward trajectory throughout the month of May, setting a record for the seventh consecutive month. The ECB estimates are not reassuring, even if it is hoped to be on the downside in the coming months and years. But what many Italians don’t know is who has gods Cash on post office books or a bank account can lose them.

Money in the passbook or account: beware of savers

As we have seen, there have been many increases due to inflation, starting with Electricity and gas bills. After these increases, many Italians decided to set aside some money for the future. But there are people who save for a long time.

And it is precisely the money of savers that is at risk, precisely because of the inflation prevailing in our country. As specified in the portal stock market forecastThe European Central Bank’s three inflation rates could do some work deficiency up to 15% For Italians who have decided to keep cash in the post office books or bank accounts. It is the sum total of the various expenses that a person has to face.

For those who have an average annual stock of more than 5 thousand euros (either in brochures or in the account), they must pay a stamp duty to the state of 34.20 euros annually. On the other hand, if the stock is €10,000, the year of stock should be multiplied by 0.342%. Not to mention that for those with an account, they have to keep it with the costs.

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