Anxiety can become an unwanted daily companion, but here are 6 helpful tips to get rid of it

Anxiety and fear are normal human reactions to dangerous situations.

On the other hand, when anxiety and panic appear suddenly and for no specific reason, they can become frequent and lasting companions, such as harming the quality of life.

Some forms of pathological anxiety are: generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias (such as claustrophobia, arachnophobia, social phobia), post-traumatic stress disorder, illness, anxiety associated with schizophrenia and depression.

Severe anxiety often causes patients to abuse alcohol, drugs, and misuse certain medications, silencing this sense of inferiority and panic even for a short time. This is clearly not the correct way to deal with and get rid of this disorder, and it may even make it worse.

When do you go to the doctor?

Anxiety can become an unwanted daily companion; When this happens it is likely that it is no longer a mild anxiety, but a more serious and growing disorder.

In this case, you should realize that you need the help of a specialist, because alone it can be difficult and difficult to overcome the discomfort.

Appropriate CBT, from a good psychotherapist, usually bears good results.

Symptoms of severe anxiety and/or panic attack can be: heart palpitations, increased heart rate, sweating, tremors, difficulty breathing, dizziness. In severe cases, chest pain, vomiting, diarrhea, impaired consciousness, and a feeling of insanity or a colossal fear of death are also added.

Anxiety can become an unwanted daily companion, but here are 6 helpful tips to get rid of it

Having mentioned that if anxiety is severe and persistent, it is essential to seek help from a professional, now let’s examine 6 tips for dealing with symptoms of mild, non-debilitating anxiety instead.

Mindfulness is also useful for restoring balance and serenity.

The first tip is to immediately return to the present thanks to a strong and physical stimulus. Some psychiatrists recommend, for example, biting off a lemon wedge or inserting pebbles into your shoes during panic attacks. This will irritate and draw the brain into a different path.

The second tip is to hold something firmly in your hand to knead it, such as a stress ball. Again, the physical stimulus distracts from the fear.

The third tip is to do breathing exercises.

The fourth tip is to use lavender essential oil, with caution, as it has a calming power on the nerves. If necessary, spray a few drops on your wrist and smell it throughout the day.

The fifth tip is to download a playlist of songs to dance frantically (to let off steam) and another with songs to calm your soul.

The sixth, final and very important tip is to keep the phone number of the person you trust handy and save it as a speed dial, so that we always have a point of reference to help us manage an attack.

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