Are Arisa and Vito Coppola still together? The guide is unmistakable

The relationship between Arisa and Vito Coppola developed as if it were between the school offices and when he went outside he had to face reality

The reality is often bittersweet, and once their path to Dancing with the Stars is over, the relationship between the teacher and the dancer becomes somewhat ambiguous without giving any confirmation to their audience.


How did it go and how did it happen, the relationship between Arissa And the Vito Cobola Gave a lot to an audience Dancing with the Stars. First of all, the two found a sense of being able to free themselves from the prejudices and chains that had allowed them to win the last edition of the show. Millie Carlucci In great style, as soon as the experiment was over, they immediately began another experiment with the presenter masked singer.

Vito Cobola He remained in the Corps de Palais from CarlucciAnd the Arissa She was called in as a judge to perform The Witch Masks and there was no shortage of moments for the show together. However, in secret, the two did not identify each other as “committed,” they have always kept the secret of what appears to be a very mysterious relationship made of back and forth.

Arisa and Vito Coppola, Push and Pull Didn’t End: The Photographers Together

Arisa and Vito Coppola, born couple on Dancing with the Stars: There will be a problem preventing them from being happy together (Instagram photo).
The duo from Dancing with the Stars (photo on Instagram).

at recent days , Arissa And the Vito Cobola They never appeared together, so much so that there was talk of a major and insurmountable crisis for the two of them, waiting to define this strange relationship they have. In fact, the couple is more alive than ever, and as proof of that, there are paparazzi photographers by Vero Weekly who have brought them together for a romantic outing in Navigli in Milan. Another proof that the couple has nicely weathered the crisis is that the dancer and singer are back to follow each other on Instagram.

In recent months there has been talk of a third wheel in their history, a familiar face of Dancing with the StarsAnd the Lucretia LandauBut soon the dancer Eboli made it clear that she was a dear friend and colleague.

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