Beauty and the Beast: The Horrific Story of Suffering and Exploitation Behind the Tale

Beauty and the beast“It is the famous Disney-branded cartoon that has made generations of children dream of its own fairy tale. It was also shot a few years ago. Live action starring Emma Watson, like Bill. But perhaps not everyone knows the horrific and horrific story of suffering that inspired this tale.

Beauty and the beastInspired by a true story. In Tenerife in 1537 a very special child was born: Pedro Gonzalez. affected by a A rare form of hypertrichosisThe child was completely covered in hair on his face and body and treated like a monster.

For this reason, at the age of ten, Donated to King Henry II of FranceLike a strange animal. Despite the strange appearance at the time, the king was enthusiastic about pity and decided to keep him.An education equals a noble education. Pedro learned to read, write and all the good manners imposed by etiquette.

Soon the boy made a big change, his name was changed to Petros Gonsalvos It was increasingly appreciated in the salons of the nobility, as an entertainment.

Beauty and the Beast, a portrait of Pedro Gonzalez

Pedro and Catherine’s love story is like “Beauty and the Beast”

On the death of the kingPedro was entrusted with the care of the king’s wife, Katrina de Mediciwho is curious as to its possible origin, make him marry Pretty woman: Catherinedaughter of a servant in the court of France.

The two first met at the wedding Despite the girl’s initial fear, after a short time a strong bond is established between them and The marriage lasted 40 years.

was the couple 7 children, four of whom had paternal syndrome. happy ending like a story”Beauty and the beastIf not for the terrible future that was intended for the children of the spouses.

The family toured noble salons throughout Italy and then settled in Parma, where it became their property Duke Ranuccio Farnese. He commissioned several paintings, mainly for children with hypertrichosis, considering the couple’s other three children uninterested.

right on time The Duke took advantage of the four boys and used it gifts To be sent to noble families. Indeed, at that time, possessing such an anomaly was a sign of great prestige. So are the four sons of Pedro and Catherine They lived their lives as strange animalsHappy upper middle class and nobility of that time. Once they separated from their parents, they never saw them again.

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