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Belen Rodriguez has had to deal with several certain episodes in her life. Even an illness suddenly struck her

Belen Rodriguez She is one of the most famous showgirls on the Italian television scene. A woman finds herself, often, in the centerMedia attention. In an interview with very rightin the living room Silvia TovanenArgentinian showgirl talking about a illness Suddenly he entered his family.

Nobody expected such a thing. This is what the Argentine broadcaster revealed. We all know Belen Rodriguez and his past. Many people are familiar with, not only the working life of a showgirl, but above all her life Private life. there Rodriguez For a long time she was married to the dancer Stefano Di Martino with whom she bore her firstborn, Santiago.

The couple went through constant ups and downs until they reached final rest. Then Beilin had several oppositethen one serious relationship with the hairdresser Antonino Spinalbes. The couple spent a lot of time together, and despite the age difference, love triumphed. A few months after its inception, belin Declare it to everyone second pregnancygreat expectation girl.

The pain that Belen Rodriguez suffered

Belen Rodriguez's illness in her life

It’s time for the baby to be born Luna MarieThings did not go quite as they expected and the relationship once again reached the point of no return. smallest Luna Marie She came into the world in July 2021 and the couple made it official rest time In January 2022.

Although love is over, belin He loves his daughter’s father very much. So much so that when the 27-year-old contracted illnessI stayed a long time showgirl Sorry It’s a lot Worry.

As mentioned by the site daily factsponsored by Silvia TovanenAnd the belin She showed herself again Related to Spinalbese. “All I know is that he had pancreatitis. It’s not such a thing. I fasted in hospital for a week, but I don’t know anything about autoimmune disease. He is the father of my daughter. Now I’m older and I’m keeping something to myself, I don’t say more.” It’s fine to keep things to yourself, but I’m also a person of humanity.”.

These are the words Belen RodriguezCommenting on his news, Antonino Spinalbes. a pancreas problem who will have to live with him for the rest of his life.

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