Brittany beats Kudla: He’s in Queen Quarters

The defense of the title continues by the Italian player No. 1, who remained on the field for about 3 hours: “I fought.” On his way to the semi-finals is Paul

Dennis Kudla and a bit of understandable exhaustion risked giving Matteo Berrettini a day in the black that the game was. The 2021 Queens champion loses the first set and then recovers and closes the comeback without missing the break point trigger at 5-4 after the match point was wasted. Ultimately he closed 3-6 7-6 (5) 6-4 in 2 hours and 46 minutes and won the quarter-finals (against Tommy Ball) as well as his 17th win in the last 18 games on grass. “It was tough,” said Matteo, “Kudla and I know each other very well and I think for the most part of the match he deserved to win – I didn’t want to lose, I fought, my team helped me. Maybe I abused them a little bit to find the right energy, but they are there for that too.” …”.

the match

In the first set, the Roman left the service in the locker room. False, with only 67 percent of his first games on the field, and only 4 aces, Pereto couldn’t find the rhythm and found himself saving a break point on the opener. At 4-3, however, he has conceded two more, crucially, and the American takes the group home 6-3. Matteo’s body language isn’t encouraging even at the start of the second, we’re going on a balance so the Italian No. 1 doesn’t risk too much even at 3-3. He ended up under the age of 15-40 but found the crossbar and saved himself from a break that could have been crucial. Perhaps it was the shock that Matteo needed from that moment, even if he wasn’t up to par, back to put in some aces, find the rhythm and have two defining points to play for third. Three fouls and we go into the tiebreak that starts with the eleventh letter and Berrettini is determined to play it.


He closes and then, when changing court, calls the doctor to show his right hand working. Don’t worry, just some skin needs to be removed to avoid blisters. The third set with Kudla still in the game who, however, in the fifth inning gave up with a big backhand that ended in the fairway. The stakes are endless for the Romans who get distracted in the sixth and replay the second. Mathieu still had a chance to jump forward with a 3-3 score but a straight fence and one on the net put the American back on track and go ahead 4-3. Decisive, finally break in the ninth inning with Perito going to serve the match, wasting match point, risking the break and then closing in.

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