Covid, towards the end of home isolation from the positives. Costa: “We have to live with the virus”

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Andrea Costa announces the expected cancellation of the obligation to isolate the home of positive Covid-19 virus

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The home isolation obligation for Covid positives can be numbered. To predict this is Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, but the idea does not seem to have the consensus of experts. According to Costa, it is now necessary to introduce a new one The stage of coexistence with covid And the rule according to which the positives are isolated in the house, even the negative smear, can soon be abolished.

Stop being positive about Covid, apart from Costa’s words

But what exactly did the Undersecretary say? These are the words he said beforeDealing: “I think we are very close to this goal, that is to end the isolation at home from the positives. On the other hand, the goal is to coexist with the virus and if we talk about coexistence we can only remove the isolation from the positives.”

The same it costsTherefore, he said he was confident of action to that effect coming in the coming weeks: “I think the days are numbered also to get to that kind of measure.”

Covid canceling the isolation of the positives: “No” to doctors

The first refusal, after the words of Undersecretary Costa, comes from the National Federation of Medical Orders (Phnomsi) and by President Filippo Agnelli.

“The positives are increasing and the decline in hospitalization is declining. The spread of the virus is very high, and since today there are no longer mandatory masks and therefore the possibility of an increase in infection is real,” said Agnelli.

President Phnomcio advises “a lot of cautionabove all in solidarity with the most vulnerable groups who could be affected.” “The advice is to think before making decisions of this kind, because at the moment there are no conditions for such a decision,” concludes Agnelli.

Covid positive, soon to stop self-isolation: it's controversialImage source: ANSA

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Andrea Costa

The end of isolation from the positives Galle: “Covid is still spreading”

The infection specialist also disputes the hypothesis of de-isolating the positives Massimo Galli.

“I’m still keeping my feet fairly on the brakes – I declare – the numbers for the past few days, starting with the latest Gimbe monitoring data, really can’t leave us calm and point to a reversal of the epidemic trend, with infections and deaths starting to rise again.”

According to Galli, on the contrary, “we are facing a possible resurgence of the epidemic, dictated by the more contagious variant Omicron 5, and we cannot now determine the possible repercussions for hospitals, so I advise caution.”

Isolation covid has stopped

Image source: ANSA

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