Create your own comfy bags in just 15 minutes using a method that is so simple and unimaginably simple

If we want to dress original, sew our own, or get creative, this guide is the place to create one-of-a-kind bags.

Being able to make clothes and accessories by yourself is a very satisfying thing and moreover it helps in recycling clothes that we might otherwise have thrown in the trash.

Who would have thought, for example, that from your old T-shirts you can make cool, spacious and comfortable sports bags for shopping or for the beach? In addition to using them in other ingenious and effective ways, by following simple tips, it is possible to create a bulky bag for any use our minds imagine. Let’s get into the details.

Create your own comfy bags in just 15 minutes using a method that is so simple and unimaginably simple

What do you do with all the old shirts that are no longer worn but are still too good to be thrown away?

Obviously the best use is to recycle them, turning our favorite T-shirt into a simple yet unique and very useful XL bag.

The first good news is that we don’t have to get rid of our shirts anymore. But the second is just as exceptional.

Bags created with your T-shirts don’t need sewing

In order to make your own cozy knitted bags, you will not need a sewing machine or a sewing diploma. It will only take a quarter of an hour of your time to cut and knot.

Accessories and creation process

The basic accessories for making the bag are:

  • T-shirt;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

Very simple process. First, you need to lay the shirt flat: the ends of the front and back hem should be exactly one above the other.

Next you will need to cut the shirt collar, sleeves and bottom belt. Depending on the size of the neckline, the opening can be slightly enlarged so that the future bag can be easily filled and carried.

At the end of the tip, use a pencil and a ruler to draw lines about 10 cm long from bottom to top with an interval of 1 cm and cut them.

The individual strips must then be stretched so that they are rolled lengthwise. This is exactly the effect you want to create.

Next, you will need to take a top and a bottom strip and tie them together twice, until all the strips are held.

The tighter the knot, the sturdier the bag.

How to use bags made with your shirts

These t-shirt bags are made in a jiffy and seamless.

It is suitable for shopping, as a sports bag or instead of a handbag, so it is worth making several at the same time; In different colors and different models.

Finally, remember that the contents of a thin beanbag should not be too heavy: for a bookbag, for example, it is advisable to recycle denim, which is completely more resistant.

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