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They left in the evening by train, with very tight security, today they met Zelensky. An unprecedented role for Italy. Ukrainian government: “Do not come and propose Minsk 3”

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The KIEV landed in Rzeszow, Poland, at 8 p.m., at a civilian airport, but was littered with NATO artillery and military cargo taking off and arriving several times a day. Then they start the night trips in different cars but on the same train. About a hundred intelligence agents from three different countries are distributed along the convoy leaving Polish territory, entering Ukraine, arriving in the capital at ten in the morning.

waiting / waiting Mario Draghi, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Schultz A security network of at least 300 Ukrainian soldiers, integrated into the prevention and information-sharing network that also includes special military units from the three European countries. Just before eleven in the evening on Wednesday, the three delegations walk 300 meters to the station in Medica, on the border between Poland and Ukraine, and there is a train waiting for them on the rails, another train traveling empty and following it, in case of emergency, breakdowns or unexpected events.

At half past eleven, Draghi moves into the center of the caravan, with Macron and Schulze: there, surrounded by heavy curtains, the leaders sit around a table before a glass of water with ice for an impromptu bite that lasts until two in the morning. all the time. At night. The Italian Prime Minister, the French President and the German Chancellor arrive in Kyiv with A message of solidarity and support for Zelenskybut also European unity, which is a complete success of the union: the old continent, which shined for cohesion in some files, less than in others, presents itself for the first time before the Ukrainian government, after more than three months and means of war with the three most important chiefs.

Next week, as the European Council convenes, it, along with 24 other heads of state and government, will have to provide a necessary and urgent response to Ukraine’s multiple requests to apply to join the European Union. Draghi, Macron and Scholz will have programs that are partly similar, partly similar, and partly different.. The three will surely hold a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, will also hold talks with various members of the government, will visit Erbin.

The trip was prepared for several weeks by the diplomats of Rome, Berlin and Paris: the agendas faltered, and the three leaders would remain almost all day in the Ukrainian capital; integrated security needs with the Ukrainian army; Programs, which also include organizations and sectors of civil society. The three European leaders arrive to talk about the most pressing files: Other military aid, possible negotiations on wheat, Kyiv’s candidacy for EU membership, but also the country’s reconstruction, estimates of the medium and long-term needs of a territory that has been almost completely destroyed in some cases.

The visit is also a confirmation of the hard-line European core that for the first time, after Great Britain’s exit from the Union, is moving in a coordinated manner before a date that appears to be a historic move. This day will have a high symbolic value, perhaps it will not bring tangible results, and no one is under any illusions on this point, but in any case it will have an impact and political resonance that will characterize the history of this conflict. And also Great success for Italy, which was fully incorporated for the first time in what for many years was a two-way axis: the tandem government of the European Union now expanding in the presence of Rome is a fact that our institutions proudly record. Among the files under discussion, there will be a food safety file: another study will be conducted on the possibility of opening other Ukrainian grain and seed routes that were closed in Odessa by sea.

But with Zelensky The role Turkey has played so far Attempting a possible mediation between Moscow and Kiev: should we insist on Ankara’s diplomatic capabilities? It will be one of the questions that the four leaders will try to answer. Today’s visit was preceded by a small, perhaps instructive, controversy by the Ukrainian president’s adviser, Olekji Aristovich: he has expressed concerns that Olaf Schultz and Emmanuel Macron are pressing in their impending visit to Kiev Mario Draghi for the country to accept a ceasefire . “I’m afraid they will try to get to some kind of Minsk 3.”

A number that underscores, other than controversy, how difficult it is to imagine any kind of solution or start negotiations at the moment. In any case, Macron stated on the eve of the visit “We, as the European Union, must send clear political signals to Ukrainewhich has been heroically resisting for months, is a message of particular importance as next week we will have to take important decisions in the European Council.”

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