Dybala is close to Inter. But Zazzaroni “had assured Totti that…”

So said the journalist: “We never talked about numbers: only sensations, and they always escalate. A hypothetical cost that Rome, today, could not afford”

Among the pages of today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport, Ivan Zazaronieditor-in-chief of the newspaper, talk about the future Paulo Dybala, we also return to yesterday’s words of Francesco Totti: “Francesco Totti does not want to talk about Dybala” because he “explains” I know how it went, I still feel it. is over? Yes, it’s over. I think so. ‘ He reveals, ‘It depends not only on Paolo, if it depends on him there will be good hope for Rome.’ And he concludes: ‘I exposed myself a little more.’ Some embarrassment, he (has) had a great dream: the arrival of the heir, ten new people worthy of this number, that is why he made himself available even to act as a mediator.

Dybala, who at first did not want to hear about Roma or Inter, because he saw himself far from Italy and Juventus, at one point made his mouthful on the premise of reaching out to Mourinho and sent it to Francesco. How did it go? This is how it went. Thiago Pinto’s encounter – the first with Fabrizio de Vecchi, the international mediator sought by Paulo, and the following with Jorge Anton, the friendly Argentine agent with semi-exclusive Inter and Barcelona – resulted in several Portuguese explorations ds who, with the club engaged in the re-discussing of the settlement agreement (FPF). ), was unable to expose himself much. We never talk about numbers: only sensations, and they always come up. A hypothetical cost (7 million per season) that today Roma will not be able to afford.”

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