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also Oliviero Toscani Join the harsh criticism of Georgia Meloni. The well-known photographer spoke to DJ microphones mosquito On Radio 24 she publicly attacked the leader of the Brothers of Italy, who found herself under siege after speaking at the Vox caucus, considered a far-right Spanish party.

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“I said what about the ideology of violence – commented Toscani – is it racist? Safe, you are a fascist. It’s not about a cowl and a black shirt, it has to be related to the time we live in. It is a fascist mentality.” In addition, the photographer also expressed the result of the first administrative tour in Verona where Damiano Tomasi He was the most voted and will face the outgoing mayor on the ballot Federico spoarina, supported by Fdi and Lega. “Tommasi is a great man – as Tuscany declared – lucky to have someone like him. Spuarina is no good, go with Meloni to Spain and let the civilized people live civilized. I would also take my dog ​​to vote for Tomasi, at least let’s give two votes.”

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Meanwhile, the controversy did not subside after the La7 fire against Meloni, but she responded with a rhyme: “The left is in complete disarray spending its days insulting me and confusing my statements. I have always taken on my responsibilities in life, and it is time for others to do so too: I will sue those who said lies”.

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