Fuel is no longer a problem: the important thing is to have an old car

It’s a trend that the population of Great Britain is declining, basically, but it’s coming soon as well. In this way, and incurring large expenses at once, you can solve the problem of gasoline forever.

It requires the maintenance of a classic car Decorations and fees, it’s clear: the Lamborghini Countach, the Mercedes-Benz pagoda in your garage or your grandfather’s original Citroen 2CV, are obviously very important cars from a historical point of view, but it wouldn’t be better if they were electric to fill up a little less expensive. ? Better yet, what would happen if tomorrow the European Union would propose a law too far – but perhaps not so much – to ban petrol and diesel cars from circulation to reduce pollution?

British ‘Modified’ Rechargeable Car (Great Driving Days)

our They are just guessesWe repeat it before you hit the garage to destroy your old Bentley or on Facebook to write an angry post against the new anti-pollution regulations! But the question remains: Isn’t there a way to make classic cars greener that could extend their lives for a few more years? Perhaps it will even allow you to save if the price of gasoline does not go down.

In Britain, they developed this interesting and antique solution that has already been adopted by such dignitaries as David Beckham. In fact, the most famous football player in Great Britain decided To make it environmentally friendly Jaguar destined for his son with a little mechanical intervention. Sure, the price isn’t insignificant, but it’s worth it.

Abracadabra car is no longer polluted!

In English speaking countries, Great Britain and Australia First of all, the trend of converting old cars to electric is literally a depopulation. We are not climbing into a complicated and boring explanation of how the intervention takes place, because it also varies from one workshop to another. The bottom line is your classic car gets a new lease on life with an all-new electric motor. Replacement can also include dispatch, if you wish, but there is a huge increase in costs.

ABC.net Electric Car 14_06_2022 Quattromania
A newly converted Japanese car (ABC.net)

Modification can affect any car even if for obvious reasons, very rare cars that are probably produced in at least five or ten units in our opinion should not be subject to this mechanical intervention for historical reasons. According to someone who works in a factory in Australia, customers are not few: “there More and more people who love their electric car but find managing an electric motor easier,” Mechanic Ken McCain explains.

And let’s hear, how much does it cost to convert my ’70s Porsche 911 to electric? Enough, but not too much: The intervention can cost between $20,000 and $25,000, on average with costs that they can increase In the case of cars with very complex and delicate mechanics. It can be a good investment: Think about the money you’ll save on a gas pump.

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