“I tell you who really decides the end of the war” – Libero Quotidiano

Lucio Caracciolo He has very clear ideas about the outcome of this war in Ukraine. The director of Limes actually explains who will be the main actor who will decide the end of the conflict. And on the pillars printingCarracciolo is very clear: “However, the end of this phase of the war will not be decided by the Europeans on either side. Rather, it will be decided by direct dialogue between the United States and Russia. Completely confidential. There is no point in wasting time explaining this or that general declaration, at most. denotes moods and inclinations, or aims to disguise the terms of secret negotiations, when it is decided to take it seriously.”

Putin does not care about this, and Caracciolo insults the Italian intelligence services: how are we being reduced ...

But at this point, Carracciolo emphasizes what could be an effective key to understanding a war scenario. And the direction Caracciolo points out leads directly to a certain “lack of interest” on the part of Washington Regarding what is happening in Ukraine: “Today we can only recognize some war fatigue on the American side and the equally obvious Russian assumption about the ability to bypass Donbass.

Putines in Italy?  Frustrated.... Caracciolo, very heavy political criticism

The alignment of visible stars does not promise an end soon hostility. Since real astrological signs are not subject to scrutiny by our observers, anything remains possible. Only certainty: This conflict is so deep that it could at any moment descend into an uncontrollable flood. It hurts to think that we can’t do much about it. It’s even worse to think that you are in charge of the game. “In short, the risks of escalation are imminent, but for now balance needle Leaning toward the necessary resumption of negotiations to put an end to this clash.

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