If we suffer from meteors then we should completely avoid using this tool when we drink

Every day we use many things, but many of them have an effect on our body that we do not know, or at least do not think about. For example, if we suffer from meteorites, it is needless to say that carbonated drinks should be avoided, because they contain carbon dioxide that produces gases inside the stomach.

However, not only soft drinks, but also food for example. We all know that beans cause flatulence. These legumes are excellent for our body because they contain a lot of nutrients. And we should not combine it with foods such as cabbage, turnip, etc., because it increases intestinal gas.

The list of foods or drinks that cause famous bowel movements is many, but in addition to this there are also tools that cause them. Maybe we don’t realize it because they are things that are used in everyday life, and therefore we don’t think much about the actions they can take on our bodies.

If we suffer from meteors then we should completely avoid using this tool when we drink

When we drink soft drinks, whatever they are, they are often served with a straw. But drinking water or something else, using this tool, we will swallow more air that goes directly to the stomach. Which also happens, for example, when we eat too quickly, or when we chew gum. Thus in some cases this air may cause a meteor shower. For this it would be best to avoid drinking through a straw.

Without a straw it is also more sustainable

In addition to stomach air speech, we can also add sustained speech. In fact, it is not absolutely necessary to drink this gadget, most often it is made of plastic. Other times, straws are made from recycled plastic or bamboo. But the truth is that we can easily drink without a pipette. Thus avoid meteorites and also be sustainable towards the planet. Also because often when we drink a cocktail, in a bar or in a club, there are two straws that are inserted into the glass.

This is actually a strategic choice, because if we drink from two pipettes, the cocktail we drink will soon run out. And so we will be more than willing to take a second one, because the first one is over very soon.

So we just have to avoid using a straw to say goodbye to the meteorologists, be more sustainable and not finish the cocktail right away. And so if we suffer from meteorites, we should completely avoid using that thing that we often find in bars but often also have at home.

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