Ilaria D’Amico confirmed the access to the opinion on “Novo”: that’s how it will be. Damilano at the helm of “The Tower and the Horse” and Lucia Annunziata in Ukraine

“Over the past few months I have recorded a series of critical issues. This eventually resulted in the documents needed to view a file not being sent Genre programming in-depth study on time. The managing director explained that the lack of relevant documents caused the board to cancel the presentation of the entire fall-winter schedule. Carlo Fortez in Watch the opinion By responding to a request for information about removal Mario Orfeo By the Insights department, the kind that handles all public service information programs.

Hence Orpheus, which returned to Tg3, was replaced by Antonio de Bella. The new director explained the most important news for the upcoming season to the Rai Board of Directors. First of all, arrival in prime time on Thursday from Rai2 from “newWhich marks his arrival at Viale Mazzini Ellaria D’Amico“The most suitable profile for management, after specific marketing research.” The transmission, designed by former Ena Alessandro Sortino, will somehow be remembered The scheme used by “Nemo”in the Guidelines as “light, disrespectful, affectionate, sympathetic, attractive, enjoyable and appropriate for an entertainment-based network”.

On-line coordination TED Talkswith a guest exhibitor argument without any interruption It is followed by a discussion only with competent people on the subject. On the Rai3 space for the information bar discussed with Marco Damlano. “The tower and the horse‘, This is the title, will be broadcast from September 5 prime time. From October 3 writer Giancarlo de Cataldo will tell”Great news stories‘, from Pasolini to Terry Broome, late in the evening on Rai1. Ezio Mauro with “Cucumber“We will deal with the origins of the war in Ukraine, among the novelties of the next season as well”red hat”, a program created in cooperation with the Carabinieri, which tells, with a free camera and without connectivity, the training of special forces.

the case “White papers‘, With the rain of controversy in recent months, it ends with a reconfirmation, transmission led by Bianca Berlinger It will welcome the public on Tuesday, June 21 and return to air regularly in September. From June 28, space for a new talk show, “red thread“with Giorgio Zanchini And the Roberta Rig. De Bella’s surprise has been called Lucia Annunziata. The reporter will go This summer in Ukraine, not as a simple reporter but would run a sort of correspondent office for Ray’s in-depth programming, through which he would assess what kind of coverage to give to individual events. Links with “Tg1 Mattina” and “Filorosso” but also “Agorà Estate”.

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