Inter Market – Now sales are on the offensive: Dzeko is in the balance and Newcastle wants Korea

Who starts the attack? DZEKO-CORREA . Ballot
With Lukaku’s likely arrival and Dybala’s now certain to arrive, Inter must decide who to sacrifice in front of them. Having said that Sanchez’s bag is in his hand, another attacker will have to cut it. Voting between Dzeko and Correa. The first has a contract of only one year and therefore can be sacrificed in order not to lose it at no cost, while the second has a bit more market but the right bid is required as it paid 31 million no later than last year. Regarding the Argentine player, on vacation with Dybala, there will be Newcastle’s interest, while Marseille’s interest has not been confirmed.

There is an agreement for Asalani: 14 million in Empoli and Satriano
The principle of agreement was found to transfer Christian Aslani: Empoli will go to 14 million euros: the formula will be the equivalent of a cumbersome loan of 4 million, 10 redemption commitment and two potential rewards. Instead, he should go on loan to Tuscany Satriano – As Alfredo Pedulla reported – with the Tuscan club, which combined the player’s first opportunity to move on loan with the right to redeem.

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