“Is there a place for someone else?”

Ilary Blasi is undoubtedly one of the most famous and well-known women in the world of entertainment on the Italian TV scene. Step by step she managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers with her spontaneity, professionalism and irony. Recently amarcord video has been circulating on social media making fans crazy, let’s find out what it is.

ilary plassia famous presenter and showrunner, although exceptional popularity The one I got in these years of TV work has always been the same, real life Roman Duc. And maybe that’s what led to it being so much Appreciated From big crowd And achieve such extraordinary success. This feature also sets him apart from many other public figures who are often overwhelmed with fame and notoriety.

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DefinitelyInitial payment for him entrance In the world of entertainmentas I’ve always mentioned, it’s due to Relationship with celebrities Francesco Totti. The presenter is now married to the former Roma player for 17 years.

The love story between Hilary Blasi and Francesco Totti

there love story between Elari and the BOBON I did and still do to dream L ‘all of italy. The two met through a mutual friend when he was still captain rome and I did Minuscule to me positive word. in their time first meeting there plassi I was fiancee. Francesco Totti, however, managed to win the heart of a gorgeous showgirl with long courtship very romantic. To do that Give up surely glaring gesture thatex-football player made through Derby Roma – Lazio. when in fact, Signal a Goal He lifted his team’s shirt and showed it to the entire stadium and the crowd written6 unique Dedicated to his current wife. on June 19 2005After that, the couple meets a wedding In the church of Araquile a Rome Until now three Fabulous sons: ChristianAnd the Chanel And the Isabelle.

Instagram Elari Blasi

Amarcord video starring the showgirl after rumors of the alleged crisis with her husband

there Husband which has always sought, despite its enormous popularity, to Protect there aggregate from his family recently drag in one scoop who did the a trip around the world. there newsletter Which has been circulated for months in the most popular tabloids that have been reported crisis Between the two allegedly due to Extramarital affair by BOBON. instant replication of Both They have it right away to reject It all shows once again to everyone how strong their bond is.

Instagram Elari Blasi

The Amarcord video Which in the course of rumors began to spread on social networks was published from one fan page dedicated to conductor. She is an old woman an interviewone of the first, that ilary plassi issued Fabio Fazio In the TV lounge in What time is itto me. The Moment Immortalized video is definitely for fans Important. Exactly there, in fact, she has a pretty showgirl announce L ‘Origin for him first born. He did it with these words: “Is there a place for someone else?” Leaving everyone amazed.

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