Julia Sarah Salmi in the hospital. Here’s what happened.

Stress lowers my immune defenses And I haven’t been in good health for about a month. I ran out of an antibiotic for 7 days last night and was sick like never before with a lot of fever even when I was stuffed with drugs. Today it happens that my mother is afraid about my condition and took me to the hospital even if I did not want to. I had nothing in my stomach for 3 days, because my body can’t hold it. The fact that it’s getting worse is making me sick. The problem is that tomorrow I have a dance show that I can’t miss and in a few days it’s ripening. Now I’m trying to understand what I have and tell you.

About a month ago, Julia was not feeling well. Each mistake his many commitments in fact in addition to working in radio, dancing and singing are on the verge of maturity. He hasn’t been able to eat for three days She also had a high fever. Surely in the last hours there will be more updates on her social networks, and at the same time we wish her a speedy recovery.

[FOTO: Instagram]

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