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Diablo 4 It’s hitting stores next year and it looks like Blizzard is finally ready to untangle more details about the game. Game Director Joe Shelley revealed in a recent interview almost how many hours Will be required to complete the main campaign and level ceiling of the characters.

As announced by GameStop, about 35 hours To complete the campaign part, and at the end of it, the characters must have a level of about 45, with the maximum level being 100.

Diablo 4, official artwork

Once the maximum level is reached, Shelby explains that many items will be unlocked Final game content, such as Nightmare Dungeons and Whispers Tree, which according to information provided by Blizzard consists of global objectives and periodic rewards that guarantee rare crafting materials and Legendary items. Shely also revealed that the Paragon board in Diablo 4 will only unlock once you reach level 50.

Diablo 4 will be available in the context of 2023 For PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Subscriptions to the trial version are now open.

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