Limited stocks even in 2022, according to Xbox –

PS5 And the Xbox Xbox X You will have to face known issues related to limited stock also during 2022Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stewart said.

In short, the semiconductor crisis will continue to significantly affect the dynamics of the video game market, limiting the production capabilities of PlayStation 5 And the Xbox … except, apparently, from the S series.

Indeed, during a call with investors, Stewart stated that in his opinion the situation of production chains could remain complicated in 2022 and into the fall, also and above all due to Recent closures conducted in China.

However, the type of ingredients that are currently hard to find seems to be the best Xbox SCombined with a significant increase in logistics prices.

This would explain why Microsoft’s cheap next-generation console has always been AvailableEven in the times when it was almost impossible to find a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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