Meghan Markle’s background with Princess Anna: “A complete disaster…”

Princess Anne always tries to keep a low profile and rarely gives any words about what she thinks. According to a psychologist, she has understood and will show Meghan Markle’s true nature. In fact, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter will be able tolight ‘ Right in the spirit of Prince Harry’s wife.

Psychological Deborah Davis on TV that Princess Anna He has a face you can manage light It is very easily explained. In his mind, he’s also able to see directly M.Egan Markle Just like his father did, the Prince Philip.


Psychological Davis She stated that the daughter of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, managed to “Look through Megan” When she got married and joined the royal family. until the Prince Philip He thought he could see the nature of the Duchess of Sussex.

Princess Anne clearly sees the nature of Meghan Markle

Until now Princess Anna He has not expressed his personal opinion publicly about Meghan Markle. unlike Prince PhilipIn fact, he always kept his idea to himself. On the other hand, the father, Duke of Edinburgh, got angry when Meghan and Prince Harry announced it Instagram Who will resign from the role of senior members of the royal family.

Ansa – Princess Anna

but the Psychological mentioned that the Princess Anna She doesn’t need to talk because her face can do it for herIn fact, his reaction to Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle did not go unnoticed. In fact, the expert noted that the princess shook her head during the ceremony as a sign of opposition. A feeling, apparently, he also shared with his father.

ANSA – Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

during the royal wedding, Indeed, one cannot help but notice the face of Queen Elizabeth’s daughter. Commenting on her expression, Davis said:It was like saying: This is it Full of and sum disaster waiting to happen”Even if he didn’t say anything, then, Princess Anna She managed to reveal her opinion about the granddaughter of her husband to the world. there Psychological He stated: “Princess Anne is like her father, Prince Philip, who could have seen Meghan Markle. He can see it for real. This may be the reason why he did not generate any friendship or cooperation between the two women.

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