Men and women, Luka and Soria disgrace fans: advertising goes viral

In the past few days, Luca Salatino has allowed himself to go through with his reveal and secret that has impressed fans.

Luca Salatino and Soria Cerrutiimmediately after choosing men and womenThey are no longer separated, they are inseparable. They are only separated for a few days for the different work and obligations of both, but being apart (she lives in Como and he is in Rome), they try to see each other as much as possible. In recent weeks, they have been taking turns doing little and little between Como and Rome, as shown on social media. But of course, the desire to see each other and always be together is so great Turns out, distance is a problem that can’t be easily neglected.

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About it, the former matchmaker of men and women said, in recent days, on social media, explaining how she thinks and how they are likely to do. There is on the part both the will and the desire to be more and more together and to be able to live in everyday life. Hence the idea of ​​finding a solution as effective as possible for both of them, and deciding to settle in one of the two cities. But he also specified that You have to see how it goes.

Men and women, Luca and Soria announce that …

So, if Luca and Soraia initially stated during the interview with Men and Women magazine that the project and desire to co-exist exist but don’t seem like very imminent, something may have changed now. In a recent interview with the weekly Nuovo TV, in fact, Luca Salatino admitted regarding his girlfriend:

I love it, but one drawback is the distance. We want to spend a lot of time together.

This may change the cards on the table and suggest that the new couple of men and women intend to move in together as soon as possible. In short, we just have to wish them good luck in everything!

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