Monkeypox, already preparing for ‘international emergencies’ (and vaccines)

If the word “health emergency” sounds like a memory, in reality New monkeypox virus makes upper floors move. The Director-General of Prevention at the Ministry of Health said that the cases that were found in Europe last week were about 900, and the risk and mortality were about 1 percent. Gianni Reda He explains: “The virus is transmitted by direct or very close contact and that is why outbreaks generally tend to self-limit.”

Nevertheless, and the numerous reassurances of doctors who indicated “not to cause panic”, a few days ago – specifically on June 14 – The European Commission decided to complete a contract to purchase 110,000 doses of the vaccine, which will be available to Member States. “This is a clear indication that HERA can respond effectively to threats to health,” said Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner of the European Union Health Council, in Luxembourg. For the first time, unlike Covid-19, the doses were paid for with European money and not by countries individually. However, it should be noted that the vaccine, called Imvanez, has not yet been approved in Europe.

reverse path, so: First, big buying and then, finally, distributing doses to countries. In fact, they were called up on June 23, as reported Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusDirector of the World Health Organization Emergency Committee experts with the aim of assessing the true extent of the risks posed by the so-called monkeypox. The committee will have to decide whether or not to declare a health emergency.: If the result is positive, the vaccines will be distributed to countries, otherwise not.

Extract or configure the question: Why were thousands of doses of the vaccine purchased before the World Health Organization gave its opinion? If you decide not to declare an emergency, where will all these vaccinations end up? Based on the experience of Covid vaccines, which have been developed in all Italian regions to the point of extending the expiration date by three months, it appears that the contract signed today is at least risky.

So the decision is up to the World Health Organization and the real possibility of reviving what we have seen in recent years may appear in a few weeks. A movie that has already been seen, a script that we unfortunately had to learn by heart. Everything will be decided in a few dayson June 23, the date on which A new health emergency could start. What is certain is that the vaccines are ready: that seems to be the only thing that matters. But far from the intrigues, it is inevitable to ask: did Europe really decide to take such great risks, stipulating a contract prematurely and without any scientific certainty, risking a historical failure?

Bianca Leonardi, June 16, 2022

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