No sex before marriage, young priest explains what the Vatican requires of two betrothed

Don Alberto Ravaniani, a social priest who talks to young people on TikTok, commented with on the Vatican’s document on premarital chastity: “This does not mean sexual chastity.”

Don Alberto Ravaniani He is the most beloved “pop priest” of Italian children. Very popular on social media, he is friends with Fedez and many other influencers and is able to speak about faith to younger generations. Tireless in social networks but also tirelessly in the parish of Busto Arsizio, where he holds the position pastoral deputy. asked him for a comment on the Vatican’s recent musings on premarital chastity and young engaged couples.

“there Chastity is not abstinenceDon Alberto explains, “Chastity is an evangelical advice recommended to all Christians and is the property of love. This means a free love From the possession of people, free from the simple desire to possess another, free from selfishness.”

Don Alberto presses to try to clarify the meaning of chastity Before marriage: “Big seduction Love is taking the other and owning it selfishnessHere, the concept of chastity means liberating love from this temptation, and making it harmoniously reconciled emotions And the the reason“.

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Don Alberto Ravaniani

Don Alberto Ravaniani

Therefore, chastity should not be viewed as a abstinence from sexabout the act itself, but howRelease of true love.” Don Alberto Ravaniani explains how there are differences types of chastityPriesthood, priesthood of the individual, priesthood of spouses, betrothal, and they all mean loving freely. Love God freely, your wife, your husband, etc.

Don Alberto admits that the subject of sex The younger generations feel it greatly: “A lot of young people come to me and ask me about sexuality. I think it’s necessary to start dealing with it in a three-dimensional way, of flesh, soul and soul.”

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