People are angry with car owners

Many users leave their Tesla and many luxury cars for free recharge for hours and hours in supermarkets, and this is causing a real revolution.

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Some electric car owners complain that they often find recharging stations in supermarkets running at them Tesla, Porsche, Audi, BMW etc., who misuse the stations available for a limited time to supermarket customers.

The service is available to those who buy in supermarkets in the Lombard municipalities, such as Brescia, Milan and Monza, but unfortunately the owners Sentences Which costs €80,000 or even double, and take advantage of it for more than 4-5 hours by going to work nearby and driving away with electric scooters.

Cars parked in the supermarket This is what happened in Peschiera

Many luxury car users do not understand the true philosophy of these recharge points which are created for the benefit of the customers and not the skilled customers who have also discounted the recharge rates. An episode of this kind brings back Peschiera, where a woman quits her job at the office Sentences Electricity in the free led column. Users angry at seeing the same scene over and over took their revenge. So when her husband went to get the car, hours later, he found smashed tires and a message on the windshield that read “Thank you for holding the position for 4 hours or more.”

Obviously, the incident must be condemned because no one can do justice to themselves, even if the saboteur in question is absolutely right. However, reports of improper use of free supermarket columns are increasingly frequent and no one has done anything to solve the problem so far.

Here’s what might be the best solution to this problem

Many people have found a way to park their car quickly and recharge their way for free SentencesDon’t do anything else in the meantime. We cannot continue to dissuade them. So if you want to go ahead and still offer a free service to eligible users, it’s time to put an end to it.

For example, after an hour, this is enough time to go shopping, recharging stops and the user is forced to move the car. If this is not done, then we can intervene in the forced removal of the car.

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