Photovoltaic energy for families and businesses, “turnkey” offer arrives from Dolomiti Energia – Cronaca

Trento. Two weeks ago, the county agreed to maintain a memorandum of understanding with craftsmen and managers. Then allocate funds for contributions to photovoltaic companies. However, many have asked us when something will happen to families and individuals. A new thing.

The transition to sustainable energy and especially photovoltaics is a step in which the province has invested and intends to invest, in terms of cultural orientation as well as incentives. But now he’s also in the game dolomite energy. Because if there are incentives and if families can be encouraged to install a solar system, the multiple utilities do not want to be idle. And it comes with a custom offer, which also includes the installation service. In short: “turn the key”.

The solution, from Dolomiti Energia Group for businesses and families, that takes advantage of the opportunity presented by current incentive opportunities and recent bureaucratic simplification, who would like to install a photovoltaic system, is available from this week.

Dolomiti Energia knows that the transition towards photovoltaics could become numerically significant. Not only are there economic incentives that make it possible to reduce installation costs, but bureaucratic simplification will in turn help push users towards this solution. Hence the proposal of Dolomiti Energia Group “Born specifically to allow families and businesses to seize opportunities at this moment – Reads a note from the company – Dolomiti Energia Solutions will be the Dolomiti Energia Group company, specializing since 2008 in the construction of photovoltaic systems in both the industrial and residential sectors, which He will handle the operational aspect, verification, design, construction and commissioning of PV systems. Families who own or co-own a first or second home already in the Province of Trento and are interested in installing PV systems, with or without storage, will be able to benefit from Standard package including preliminary analysis, design, supply and installation for plantCompletion of electrical connections and all paperwork and technical documents. At the same time, it will also be possible to order the installation of a system for recharging electric cars. ”

Furthermore, Dolomiti Energia explains, “For those who install photovoltaic panels in their homes, it will be possible to take advantage of Instant discount on the bill For financially deductible costs, thanks to which the credit can be transferred and, accordingly, pay only the remaining part of the expenses. Alternatively, the customer can decide to take advantage of the tax deduction within 10 years with their tax return. For private customers with power supplies from Dolomiti Energia, another advantage is that there will be the possibility of financing and paying the remaining costs in installments, thus reducing the cost over time.

For companies, the group, on the other hand, offers tailored proposals, a study tailored to the needs of each company.” For more information, visit the website

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