Pope Francis: Useful old people, no to ostracized culture

The exclusion of the elderly from social life “a betrayal of their humanity. And this is the worst thing: this is the choice of life on the basis of utility, when young, and not life as it is, with the wisdom of the old, with limits. The old, the old – continued

Pope Francesco

They have so much to give us, there is wisdom in life, so much to teach us, and that is why we must also teach as children to their grandparents. Dialogue between young people, children and grandparents is essential for society and the Church, essential for a healthy life. And where there is no dialogue between young and old, something is missing and a generation grows without a past, that is, without roots.”

At the end of the public attendance in St. Peter’s Square, a

the pope

spent thinking of

Ukrainian people

. “Please do not forget the tormented people of Ukraine, in a state of war. Let us not get used to living as if the war was far away. Our memory, our affection, our prayers, our help always draw near to this people who suffer so much and make true martyrdom.”

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