Superbonus, the money is gone. what is happening now

Superbonus: What is the game of government and parliament? The party is over, but no one says it. For tens of thousands of businesses, the real hell is in danger, which is igniting more and more every day.

For some time now the government He has made it clear that he wants to close the wallet chains with immediate effect, due to budget exhaustion. OK, but why did he send him to say silently and without time, when he hasn’t yet intervened radically to deal with the end-of-life bounty? This is not one countermeasure, It is already known that motivation relates to ability. That is why, with each passing day, the assured operators are exposed to new and huge debts, deceived by laws that continue to guarantee the repayment to which they are entitled, but which will never arrive due to the inability of the state. This is unheard of! No one imagined that it was possible, this would be the first time in the history of the republic.

Without a clear and solemn pause – in the meantime – it is natural that a great fermentation of works, works and construction sites continues every day throughout the national territory, all remaining on the edge of a blade: but This is where people’s lives are at stake, it’s not about scooters. And the judgment means that you now have to take responsibility, it’s not enough to be able to say enough about the budget gap.

Responsibility sought. Someone in the government should take the hot potato in hand and explain, as a matter of urgency, the transitional rules for this final stage. On the other hand, while there is already a potential multi-billion deficit that threatens to weigh seriously on the shoulders of companies and innocent citizens, for its part, this Parliament is keen to launch another extension that expands the ties with new and more incentives, in addition to those , also without coverage, inexplicably in effect until 2024.

What’s the point if the resources aren’t there? like him The area of ​​deceived citizens is expanding, tempted to jeopardize the family’s lifelong legacy, without knowing it: a pure demagogue to express their admiration for public opinion by adopting themselves among the “good guys” who advocate new incentives against the “bad guys” willing to say “enough.” Unprecedented institutional deterioration like this! The government is right to say “stop”, but it has to do it quickly and well. Even before distributing incentives, their primary task is to clarify and ensure certainty, and to extricate businesses and citizens from the disastrous trap into which the state has drawn them.

Giuseppe Pasquale

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