Sydney London 20 hour trip

The record-breaking flight or flight, operated by Qantas Airways Limited, will connect Sydney to London in about 20 non-stop flight hours. Here is the launch date of the first flight and what are the characteristics of the new aircraft.

The world’s longest direct flight: Qantas Airways Limited

The world of “commercial flights” is constantly evolving and one of the latest innovations arrives abroad and has a license plate Qantas Airways of Airlines The most popular and safe in the world.

In all likelihood, the Journey records or the The longest direct flight in the world will contact Sydney to me London In about 20 hours it covers a distance of about 17,800 km.

Just to give an idea, in 1935 distant flights fromAustralia to meEngland They lasted for 12 days and on 3 continents it was necessary to stop seven times.

Qantas panorama

Sydney London flight: features and modifications of the new Airbus 350-1000

To do this long trip, especially without any stop, the Australian airline Qantas Airways Ltd. changedAirbus 350-1000 to fight the so-called “tyranny of distance”Words from Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

everybody ‘Airbus 350-1000The newest, trendy and pioneering carbon-fibre jewel of the sky, an additional tank containing 20,000 liters of kerosene will be added and around 100 seats will be scrapped to create new spaces and lighten the aircraft.

This exceptional aircraft will feature 140 economy seats, 40 premium economy seats, 52 business seats, 6 first class seats and a health area.

According to the latest rumors, the ticket price should cost 15% more than the cost of a flight with a stop.

Qantas plane

Curiosity of.

Flights of this long non-stop have already been tested in the past few years, just think about it on a Qantas connected plane Sydney to me New YorkThe tests were conducted by 52 passengers, such as engineers, scientists, researchers and airline employees.

In this so-called “Test flights” All aspects of the crossing were studied in an incredibly detailed way, such as sleep quality, food consumption, lighting effects and, above all, pilot fatigue; They think that the level of melatonin that determines it has been monitored The jet lag phenomenon The state of clarity monitored by the brain map.

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways Ltd: photos and pictures

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