The least reliable car ever is the Fiat and they have sold a lot of them in recent years

Cars of this brand are very popular in our country and are a leader in national production. Still, this one here specifically seems to have some major problems.

Not all cakes succeed with a hole. And not all cars are designed with the same attention to detail. For every excellent model that a brand puts out on the street, there can be a model disappoints expectations From a home enthusiast or this simply does not meet the quality standards they are accustomed to, it happened to everyone, even brands famous for the quality of their products such as Volkswagen and Volvo.

The mechanic rejoices (Merchant Marketing)

Today’s issue however, was raised by technoandroid But also from the American press which has online magazines such as MotorJunkie Whoever said his words at unexpected times – and if they are right we owe an apology for not trusting them – it is about a car and a motorcycle in our country Derived from Fiat 500One of the most popular cars in Italy.

Let’s talk about Fiat 500 XThe crossover is derived from the car and is in the €21,000 price range upwards. The car according to the sources we mentioned and some sites such as Giving it a 3 out of 5 star rating based on buyer reviews, it wouldn’t be a marvel of reliability. But let’s try to see ourselves clearly.

problem after problem

British buyers – according to sources – are complaining about the engine Too little force From the 500X model, poor on-board visibility and higher fuel consumption in relation to the car’s size and price range. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, Italian buyers have complained about several annoying flaws found in many examples of the car which include a non-working cruise control, bad noise From dubious origin to the meaning and victims of fog lights to condensate very suspicious.

Fiat 500X 09_06_2022 Quattromania
Fiat 500X, in the center of the viewfinder (Fiat)

But that’s not all: as we saw some time ago, the Fiat 500X ended up on the list The 50 worst cars ever sold in the United States in the new millennium. Now, that claim is definitely exaggerated because we’ve seen far worse cars on the market. However, the intriguing thing is that American motorists face the same problems and complain about the poor build quality of the car, which leads to the poor 500-liter towing in the middle.

By searching for online reviews in Italian and English, you can get an idea of ​​the matter for yourself. What do you think that? Since this car was never purchased, we prefer to remain neutral. However, if any of you have, can you let us know what you think of this model and if you agree with or find these criticisms exaggerated.

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