The Windows application will indicate the performance of the game on the computer used –

almostXbox app For Windows it will tell everyone what a file . is performance Some games on them computer. This is a great way to see if installing a particular game is helpful.

Testing of this new feature began in December 2021, but it has now started rolling out the new version of the app that contains it. But what do you do exactly? The explanation was provided by Tila Nguyen, Senior Product Manager who leads Xbox Experience on the official Xbox blog. The application now compares the performance of the game on the PC similar to the performance in use, and gives a prediction of what the performance will be.

new performance indicator

“If your computer can’t run a title that is very graphics intensive, you’ll be able to see the system requirements to get more details about what you need to do to start it.”

Not all games will be tested for performance. In particular, new games with a very small user base may not fit into the program. However, it is definitely a great tool that can save you some valuable time.

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