These Rare Postal Books Will Make You Rich – What Are They?

Postal books are a very popular tool nowadays, one that has resisted innovations and technological trends in the past decades. In fact, online accounts and prepaid bank transfers of various kinds have not affected the success of ledgers which are still widely used also in the public sphere, both as a “wallet” function but also as a “basis” for receiving salary and pensions. In what cases can ledgers be a source of income?

These Rare Postal Books Will Make You Rich – What Are They?

The postal brochure is the most popular product in the postal savings context. These are “light” versions of postal savings bonds or another similar instrument such as bank savings books. Compared with the latter, it does not allow the effective development of sufficient interests, but it has the advantage of not having real costs of opening, managing and closing. You only pay the stamp duty, equivalent to €34.20 per year but exclusively for average shares over €5,000 per year, like any other form of prepaid account or card.

There are no real “rare” brochures, but all brochures that do not show movement by next June 21 and have a balance of at least 100 euros, will face actual disposal because they have become a “burden” on Poste Italiane. To avoid this, it is enough to physically go to any post office and mark any movement. If not, the postal books in a deep sleepdefined and updated on a regular basis through official site.

The amount is then directed to the CONSAP Fund in accordance with the agreements concluded with the Italian State, even if the holders of neglected account books can now claim the return of the corresponding amounts, through a paper application to CONSAP.

Since the “deadline” is near (the deadline for keeping dormant mail books is next June 21), you’d better hurry!

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