Those who find one of these high-value vinyls, stashed in some corner of the house, can fill up the bank account

Finding old things we now thought were missing is always a big surprise. Especially if we care, and more than that, if they can earn some cool coins. This is the case for VHS, console games, or stamps that cars are worth.

But if we talk about the pieces that really made history, we can’t forget to mention the vinyl records. Parents and grandparents will know them well and may remember many fond memories of their youth.

Well, if we think vinyl is a trend that no longer has anything to say, we’re wrong. For several years they seem to have regained fame, not only among collectors and nostalgia. And the thing we’re glad to know is that those who own some of this stuff can fill up the bank account. Let’s see what vinyl can be worth a fortune and which can be hiding somewhere under our noses.

The most expensive in the world?

The price of vinyl is not limited to the condition in which it was found or the years it has been carried on its shoulders. Rarity plays a very important role, as does the caliber of the author who recorded the songs being reported.

If we are wondering about the most expensive album in the world, the answer may be only one: let’s talk about the “white album”. The legendary Beatles album, released in 1968, is a legacy of extraordinary economic value, but for many it is perhaps also sentimental.

The price will be around $35,000 for copies with the serial number marked on the back. While the first ever product, delivered to Ringo Starr himself, it is said to have fetched a beauty of $790,000 to the lucky owner. Anyway, let’s put our hearts at peace: finding her is an almost impossible task.

Those who find one of these high-value vinyls, stashed in some corner of the house, can fill up the bank account

If we’re still thinking about the Beatles album, don’t despair. With any luck, we may have other valuable records in our house. The first is David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs”. On the original cover, now withdrawn from the market, the singer’s head was protruding on the body of a dog complete with genitals in plain sight. The present value will be around $3,500.

Even better, the God Save the Queen sex pistols. The lack of copies in circulation drove the price of this coveted album to $8,600. What about Hank Mobley’s “Blue Note 1568”? An American saxophonist’s artwork can fetch up to $10,000 in tours.

We close with Nirvana and their album “Bleach”. Although very recent, some particularly desirable versions can promise revenue of up to $1,500.

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