To maintain the health of the kidneys and avoid the formation of stones, it is recommended to follow these tips and choose this water to drink

According to the Italian Society of Nephrology, one in ten Italians suffers from kidney disease without even realizing it. The kidneys are said to be subtle organs, meaning their malfunction is not always obvious. It is important, as with other diseases, to undergo a periodic examination for prevention. The size of the kidney is between 10 and 12 cm, it weighs about 160 grams and is similar to a red bean. They are necessary to cleanse the body because they filter the blood by eliminating all waste through the urine.

To maintain the health of the kidneys and avoid the formation of stones, it is recommended to follow these tips and choose this water to drink

Creatinine is one of the blood tests that may be done as part of routine tests. The cost ranges between 2 and 5 euros and allows you to highlight the functions of the kidneys. Of course, the attending physician will have to prescribe and recommend the most appropriate tests to perform.

The kidneys also perform many other functions: from producing certain hormones that stimulate the formation of red blood cells to regulating blood pressure.

In order for the kidneys to function well and for as long as possible, a healthy lifestyle must be followed. The first prevention comes from eating style. A diet low in protein, sodium and phosphorous may be beneficial. Animal proteins should be mostly avoided, with vegetable proteins being preferred, to be consumed in any case in a measured manner. To reduce phosphorous intake, you can reduce the consumption of processed meat, dried legumes, flour, bran and egg yolk.

To reduce the phosphorous content, it may be useful to keep food in the refrigerator for 8 hours before cooking. By boiling them and changing the water midway through the cooking process, you can reduce the amount of phosphorous they contain. To reduce sodium intake, it may be helpful to favor seasoning over flavor and to limit consumption of meat, cheese, and pickled foods.

A proper lifestyle can preserve the kidneys

In addition to nutrition, another factor that will help keep the kidneys clean and protect us from the formation of stones is the consumption of abundant water. You should drink at least 2 liters of water per day, even from the tap. An herbal tea made from birch, cranberry, and horsetail may also help. In particular, cranberries appear to be able to prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. This procedure may be useful to protect against urinary tract infections that can also affect the kidneys.

Let’s see which water seems most recommended for those who suffer from kidney stones or for those who want to prevent them. You should choose a minimum amount of minerals, that is, light water. For example, we mention the waters of Sant’Anna, Fontenoce, Fiuggi and Lauretana. However, Istituto Superiore di Sanità noted that consuming tap water will not help stones form.

Therefore, to maintain the health of the kidneys, you should pay attention to nutrition, promote hydration in large quantities and engage in moderate physical activity.

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