To reduce the risk of dementia in old age, we must follow these five tips that keep the brain healthy

Life continues to increase and the population is getting older. This leads to the spread of diseases typical of old age. We will one day find ourselves facing its characteristics and problems. In particular, dementia, very common in the over 70s.

There are several reasons that lead to this pathology. From social causes to bad eating habits. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle becomes necessary to prevent dementia as much as possible. In fact, in some cases, dementia is a direct result of other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. To reduce the risk of developing dementia, we will therefore have to follow these five tips.

We train the mind as much as possible

The first tip is to always keep your brain well trained. In fact, dementia is associated with it, and exercise, even simple ones, can keep you young. So let’s devote ourselves to puzzles, crossword puzzles and party games. Memory exercises such as learning phone numbers, lists, or poems can be very helpful in this regard.

Proper rest is also essential. Getting enough quality sleep affects our brain. In particular, this performs basic functions during sleep. For example, we get rid of toxins, increase the immune system and, above all, prepare our minds for the day. Regular exercise also helps prevent dementia. 10 minutes a day of aerobic exercise or 30 minutes of walking is also very effective. Regular physical activity helps increase blood and oxygen flow. The important thing is not the intensity of the activity, but the persistence. Constant movement also helps increase neural connections.

To reduce the risk of dementia in old age, we must follow these five tips that keep the brain healthy

A balanced diet is the foundation of our health. It becomes even more important when we can reduce the risk of dementia through nutrition. The Mediterranean diet is a great place to start. In fact, she recommends eating less red meat and preferring fish. Additionally, he suggests eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods are particularly effective in maintaining brain health, especially those rich in omega-3s.

Finally, let’s not forget to avoid smoking and alcohol together. In fact, the abuse of these two substances significantly worsens our situation. The risk of cardiovascular disease and neurocognitive disease increases dramatically if these harmful chemicals are abused. So let’s take good care of our mind and body to face aging better.

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