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Do aliens exist? According to the Chinese, yes: Beijing government’s scientific information site Science and Technology Daily declared that he has Messages received from a strange civilization. How? through the telescope eye of the skywhich has a diameter of 500 meters and is located in Guizhou Province. Immediately after the news broke on social media, the ad disappeared from the site.

We killed a monster.  US Army, Report Disappeared: Was He Alien?

At the same time, as reported daily Mailthe pure traces of the report cited by the site will be lost: a Detailed document Formulated by the research team, which could have picked up two sets of signals in 2020 and 2022, while observing exoplanets, that is, planets outside our solar system. In fact, about the Chinese Super Telescope, the instrument that would have allowed this alleged exchange of messages, there has been considerable controversy for some time now.

These NASA people no longer know how to establish relations with aliens

The Sky Eye controversy began years ago, when building A village of 65 people was razed to the groundForcing 9,000 residents of the surrounding countryside to leave their land and move. In fact, the project provided for the creation of a circle with a radius of about 5 km without any electromagnetic interference.

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