What is the best mocha coffee? Here is the order

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Between pods, capsules and bar consumption Coffee is certainly the most popular drink with Italians. It has its role in the world as well, but it is certain that many characteristics of coffee are enthusiastically praised and appreciated in the beautiful country. despite of The emergence of the latest generation of coffee machines As for mocha, it is still among the most popular and there are many varieties and types on the market to be consumed.

After understanding the ideal way to make coffee with mocha, it is advisable to think about quality blends. Post consumption I tested 38 products divided between the quality of Arabica and others And select those that enhance the aroma and flavor of this precious drink.

The best coffee for mocha

Among the best mocha coffees that have also surpassed TCA . TestIt consists of molds that appear during drying, namely: Quality Lavazza Red And the Classic Konad quality.

next Fantastic classicAnd the Classic Motta coffee, classic Carrefour Café, and classic ground kimbo. These are the companies that passed the analysis Post consumption It only in rare cases expresses itself negatively about one product over another. The test is primarily informational and is not intended to invalidate the characteristics of the various products analyzed.

Altroconsumo: 100% Arabica rating

Post consumption He also compiled a ranking Mocha coffee is made from 100% Arabica. Indicative and informative list. Among the best combinations:

  • Kimbo Gold, another market,
  • Great smellAnd the
  • Segafredo’s emotions,
  • conad,
  • Carrefour
  • Don Jerez (Eurospin).

Brands that performed well on tests with satisfactory scores and evaluations e Which respects the right balance between price and quality. Post consumption Once again provide satisfactory answers to consumers who, thanks to the information received, will be able to make the most appropriate choices.

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