Whatever no one says, that’s the truth

What is the relationship between cholesterol and coffee? Some people suspect the link is dangerous – let’s see what the experts say. Coffee is a very popular drink especially in the morning as soon as you wake up because it gives us the energy we need to reconnect with the world. On the other hand, there are those who argue that the drink is not very healthy and that the resulting “wake-up” effect is a mistake and not very nutritious.

However, the ritual of preparing coffee is a magical thing that dates back to the dawn of history. Without looking at its scent spread in home environments, which gives a feeling of comfort and affection. It is no coincidence that Erie de Luca, a writer of Neapolitan origins, says of coffee: “The pot of coffee on the stove is enough to fill a room.”

But what’s worrying is the quantity and the association between cholesterol and coffee. If it is true that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning does not cause any digestive problems, what happens if we exceed the doses? In this sense, several medical studies were born that agreed on one definitive answer.

Cholesterol and coffee: should the pairing be avoided?

Despite the ups and downs of life and the habit of always receiving bad news, this time we are happy to bring you some good news. Scientific studies conducted in every corner of the globe and in different historical periods agree that there is no problem with the link between cholesterol and coffee. So, if you give up the drink because you have some doubts about it, you can go back to your cup.

In particular, we want to turn to the latest study by GISSI, a specific association that deals with the discovery of the relationships between the circulatory system, habits and lifestyles. The Italian group of myocardial infarction survival study found that regular and non-excessive consumption of coffee did not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The danger is limited due to the presence of antioxidants, substances that contribute to the improvement and formation of new cells inside the body. For this reason they effectively block the effect of oxidative stress. Furthermore, the presence of chlorogenic acids appears to do a preventative action for debilitating diseases such as diabetes.

Turkish coffee dangers

On the other hand, if coffee made with machine and American mocha did not find any danger in medical studies, then another type of coffee was found to be harmful. We are talking about Turkish coffee that is made through a procedure that has been found to be harmful to our body.

In Turkey, it is customary to boil coffee beans for 10 minutes and then serve the hot drink. However, this type of action results in two substances, cafestol and caffeinehol, that interfere with cholesterol levels, causing it to rise. But those who love Italian coffee don’t have to worry: they can carry on with their coffee, and perhaps sing a beautiful Italian song, drawn from the sense of humor and cheerfulness at the beginning of the day.

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