WhatsApp alarm, they empty your account with this message: Be careful

WhatsApp Alarm, they empty your account with this message: Be careful. It is one of the new scams targeting users

Unfortunately, hackers are constantly looking for ways to get into bank accounts and empty bank accounts. This time the danger comes via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp (@AnsaFoto)

Unfortunately, in addition to making our lives easier, technology also risks bringing us into very dangerous and counterproductive aspects. We are talking about online fraud attempts that have flourished in the last period. The hacker They targeted both messaging platforms A home banking app. The system is always the same i.e. hacking our account and emptying checking accounts or using the data for more frauds. Even WhatsApp was not immune to this kind of risk and has been fighting for it for some time aggregate of its users. The American giant is facing new episodes of “trolling”, very disturbing and very malicious. Related to the last case Bank scam.

WhatsApp, New Scam Coming: Related to Intesa Sanpaolo . Customers

Intesa San Paulo
Intesa San Paolo (AnsaFoto)

Using the fake brand of a famous credit institution such as Intesa Sanpaolo, they send you a message about The WhatsApp With a strange request inside. A normal conversation where they try to alert you like this:

Attention! Unauthorized device connected to the online account If it does not recognize this access, check here…

Attachment link is the most dangerous knot. By clicking there, you enter a fake page where your data is requested. The problem is that instead of logging in to where you think you are, you are simply giving your account details to the criminals behind it. At this point, your account is emptied in the blink of an eye.

What is usually recommended in such cases, as soon as chaos occurs, is to notify the company immediately police stationWith all the details provided. But the most useful is to ignore any form of communication with unknown or suspicious sources. We must always remember that our bank will almost never use a letter The WhatsApp To warn us of something rather important.

Also be wary of alleged phone calls from call center It is not better defined. The scam can be successful even using only voice responses.

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