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Speaking of the main series [ndr, Kingdom Hearts]I think Sora is the only real candidate as a lead character. I think if Sora was no longer the main character, I would feel it would be the end of the numbered games in the series. That’s his level of importance for the series.”

These are the words Tetsuya Nomura, the creator of Kingdom Hearts, released in an interview with GameInformer. This is a very important statement, especially considering that – prior to the introduction of Kingdom Hearts IV – the audience was expecting a new project focused on Yozora and Verum Rex.

In this interview, Nomura specifies that the numbered chapters, which are considered the most important in the eyes of a certain segment of the audience, are closely related to Sora and that this character’s farewell will mark the end of these video games.

It also means that, just as in the past, there can be plenty of room for “sub-items” designed for other characters. However, in our view, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all for Sora to retire and leave the “main story” in someone else’s hands.

Sora in Kingdom Hearts 4

Yes, the hero and not the Master of the Keyblade is loved by everyone, even us, and being able to wear his boots (in his small size) in Kingdom Hearts 4 really creates that sense of nostalgia for all the adventures he’s had since 2002. However we believe that the saga has reached a point that can In it, things change drastically, as well as the graphic style and other gameplay elements that Nomura suggested in the interview (such as the fact that Quadratum City will be a kind of Hub, which is a novelty for a long story).

In the past 20 years, Sora hasn’t changed much but his audience has. Yes, some players get to the party later (risky like doing it with Kingdom Hearts, given the way the story is handled) and some of those players will be as young as those who discovered this weird mix of Square Soft worlds in 2002 were.. and Disney, but anyway a good number of guys know who the boy from Destiny Isles is and could be a bit “experienced” for this character.

Sora is a classic shounen anime/witch character: he is the hero who was never the strongest in appearance, but anyway with the commitment and strength of friendship he prevails over the villains. He is a character who, despite showing some moments of weakness, is always cheerful, sunny and ready to help. It’s something everyone needs from time to time, but after all these games and the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga, there would be nothing different to hurt it, especially if it was so multifaceted.

Let’s be clear, Kingdom Hearts 4 might surprise us. So far from the places he knows and separated from his old friends, Sora seems to be forced to “grow up” all of a sudden.

However, in our opinion, Kingdom Hearts is so powerful as a franchise that you don’t really need it anymore to advance with the numbers. 4 is not what interests the audience and Sora is not very basic, especially considering that the beginning of a new epic would have easily allowed attention to new characters, since those already known received a good or bad result.

what do you think? Could Sora be the hero forever?

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