20 cats fed his corpse for weeks

corpse breeder the cats It became a meal for 20 Maine Coons who had been without food for two weeks. The woman was found dismembered and in an advanced state of decomposition by the police alerted by a female colleague who was worried that he would not be able to contact her.

In a house in Bataysk, Rostov region, in Russia, Around the woman’s body were hungry cats. Investigators explained that it was a natural death that occurred about two weeks ago. Thus the cats remained locked in the house without a lover or food and faced the harsh reality of feeding the corpse of the owner. “The cats were left alone for two weeks, there was no food. They ate what was there. It makes sense, right?” the association that looked after some of the remaining cats wrote and posted a video on Instagram.

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some the cats They have now found a new home, but it is unclear whether the new owners know what felines must do to survive. According to a group of scientists, reported by the New York Post, cat owners who die in the home are at risk of being devoured alive by their hungry cats. This discovery occurred by chance in a research center in Colorado, in the United States, where two cats managed to enter to eat the carcasses found for research purposes. The furry duo will be returning to the feast for several weeks to show their preference for arm, chest and shoulder fabrics. Not only. The cats could have chosen one carcass and continued feeding only from that.

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