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Rains roll back the spread of the virus: Abandon Vlasov, Bahrain and Alpsin

The pillow doesn’t even save DIEGO ULISSI: UAE team, UAE

Race Director’s words: “Tomorrow is a new assessment”

15.48 With these four extra points, the Australian rises to 22 in the points standings and tomorrow he will wear the black jersey as the leader.

15.46 Second intermediate enemy within a few kilometers, and the second victory for Matthews.

15.45 There are now 10 kilometers left before the start of the last climb. Very tough 17.7 km, average 8% incline up to 2048m at the finish line of the crossbars.

15.43 Israel’s acceleration now raises the group to 6′ of fugitives.

15.41 30 km to the end!

15.39 The ‘peloton’ post starts to drop again, now indicated at 6’25”.

15.37 The collection is in one file at this time. Israel Premier Tech rolls.

15.34 We remember the escape composition: Fausto Masnada (QuickStep-AlphaVinyl), Michael Matthews (BikeExchange Jayco), Josè Herrada (Cofidis), Clement Champoussin (AG2R-Citroen), Nico Denz (DSM Team), Nelson Oliveira (Movistar), Andrea Pascu Intermarche-Wantie Joubert), Quentin Bacher (Groupama FDJ), Quinn Simmons (Trek Segafredo), Roland Thalmann (Switzerland national team) and Brent van Muir (Loto Soudal).

15.33 The group will have to speed up this easy stretch if they want to go and get the fugitives back. Although the recent climb is difficult, a 7-inch gap is difficult to repair.

15.31 Michael Matthews and Andrea Pasqualon ran in the middle end. The Australian has the best and gets 4 points. 2 for a bassqualon.

15.29 Yellow Jersey did not recover. Gap is now stable at 6’50”.

15.27 40km at the end of stage 6 of the Tour of Switzerland 2022.

15.26 Soon the leaders will cross the middle finish line at Natters.

15.23 The group separation at this point is approximately 7′.

15.21 The gradient becomes very steep again in this last stretch. Soon it will start 25 km of plain that will lead up to Mosalp.

15.18 A man from Astana has now returned to set the pace. The only moment the group recovered significantly was when they pulled out the men in blue.

15.16 50 km to the finish! Fuglsang ascends the group after stopping at the major.

15.14 The group gap rises again to 6’20”. The chances of victory are increasing for those fugitives who managed to be brilliant in the recent ascent.

15.12 We remember the names of 11 healers: Fausto Masnada (QuickStep-AlphaVinyl), Michael Matthews (BikeExchange Jayco), Josè Herrada (Cofidis), Clement Champoussin (AG2R-Citroen), Nico Denz (DSM Team), Nelson Oliveira (Movistar) Pasqualon (Intermarche-Wantie Joubert), Quentin Butcher (Groupama FDJ), Quinn Simmons (Trek Segafredo), Roland Talmann (Switzerland national team) and Brent van Muir (Loto Soudal).

15.09 Another retirement in the race. This time it’s up to Kyle Murphy of Supported Human Health.

15.06 km 60 to the end of Mosul. The descent section without too many curves where you can make tremendous speed.

15.04 Continue down Münster and Ritzinger.

15.01 Israeli Prime Minister Vogelsang returned to the head of the group.

15.00 The group gap in this sloping extension remains fundamentally unchanged, and is always stable around 5’30”.

14.58 We recall the status of the general classification, modified mainly by the farewell of Alexander Vlasov:

1 FUGLSANG Jakob ▲ 1 22:24:24 –
2 Thomas Gerrant ▲ 1 0:01 –
3 Kron Andreas ▲ 1 0:08 –
4 Kong Stefan ▲ 1 0:10 –
5 Higuita Sergio ▲ 1,, –
6 Paulus Nelson ▲ 1 0:22 –
7 Groschartner Felix ▲ 1 0:34 –
8 Sebastian Reichenbach ▲ 1 0:37 –
9 Andreas Leeksund ▲ 1 0:38 –
10 Schachmann Maximilian ▲ 1 0:55 –

14.56 70 km to the end! There will still be 53 points between the slopes and the plains, before reaching the final scary climb.

14.53 The maximum extension of the steep slope has been completed for the treads that now cross the inhabited center of Urlichen while the road is flattened.

14.50 We mention the tread assembly composition: Fausto Masnada (QuickStep-AlphaVinyl), Michael Matthews (BikeExchange Jayco), Josè Herrada (Cofidis), Clement Champoussin (AG2R-Citroen), Nico Denz (DSM Team), Nelson Oliveira (Movistarqualon) and Andrea (Intermarché-Wanty Gobert), Quentin Pacher (Groupama FDJ), Quinn Simmons (Trek-Segafredo), Roland Thalmann (Switzerland national team) and Brent Van Moer (Lotto Soudal).

14.48 Scolina also has the group with a 5’35” delay.

14.47 A very technical original, full of hairpin bends that the tread goes through.

14.45 This is the new top 5 in the GPM rating:

1 Simmons Queen 54
2 MASNADA Fausto 15
3 Gilbert Philip 12
4 Likensund Andreas 10
5 Camp Alexander 10

14.43 The climb that just finished was rated as GPM horse classes, giving Quinn Simmons a good 20 points.

14.41 After the Nufenpass hit the tread! Quinn Simmons passes first, increasing her leadership in the GPM rating.

14.39 The brilliant work of Astana continues, in the last wheel is the Kazakh Alexei Lutsenko.

14.37 It is very difficult to climb in this section. Its height is now more than 2000 meters above sea level by several kilometers.

14.34 The 11 surfaces remain compressed as the visor approaches at high altitudes.

14.31 The arrival of the Kazakh national team brought an important acceleration into the group. Lots of riders start losing their wheels and the gap starts to drop again.

14.28 is among his Thalmann tackles. As a group, Astana is seen in the lead.

14.25 85 km to the end. The group continues to climb very quietly.

14.23 A new withdrawal news arrives. This time it was the turn of Gonzalo Serrano Movistar.

14.21 The group is now 7 minutes away. The pace is mainly carried out by three teams: Israel-Premier Tech, Ineos Grenadiers and BORA hansgrohe.

14.19 Masnada is reabsorbed by the other fugitives, Talman loses his wheels.

14.18 Today we go to the heights! The visor on the Nufenpass will reach 2478 meters above sea level, while the finish line will be set at 2040 meters!

14.16 When there is still 5 km of climb on the left, it is the mast trying to stretch!

14.14 Dion Smith splits from the Leading Group, which now consists of 11 passengers: Fausto Masnada (Quick Step-Alvinyl), Michael Matthews (Baiksching Jaico), Jose Herrada (Cofidis), Clement Champusin (AG2R-Citroen), Nico Denz (Team DSM ), Nelson Oliveira (Movistar), Andrea Pasqualon (Intermarche and Anti Joubert), Quentin Butcher (Groupama FDJ), Quinn Simmons (Trek Segafredo), Roland Thalmann (Switzerland national team) and Brent van Muir (Loto Soudal).

14.11 A difficult climb, officially measured at 13.6 km with an average gradient of 7.8%, but in fact the route began to climb much earlier.

14.09 Moving on to the race, there is a 12-man running group that also includes Italians Fausto Masnada and Andrea Pasqualon and we’ll bring you the full composition soon. The group chases at 6’30” while the first two difficult climbs are made for the day: the Nufenenpass.

14.07 A situation that unfortunately takes us back to a couple of years ago that we never wanted to get back. The race continues, but the atmosphere is certainly very tense even for those who stayed.

14.04 Diego Ulissi, Tom Bidcock, Alberto Pettiol, Hugh Carthy and many more with him, including the all-Bahrain victor and Alpecin-Phoenix.

14.02 The group spent an eventful morning in Switzerland. Real rain of withdrawals due to covid. 30 runners were affected including Yellow Jersey and Alexander Vlasov.

14.00 Friends of OA Sport, enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts, good morning and welcome to the LIVE LIVE stage six of the Giro di Svizzera 2022!

OA Sport friends, enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts, good morning and welcome to the LIVE LIVE stage six of the Giro di Svizzera 2022! It starts with the success of Alexander Vlasov who also earned him the captain’s shirt. Today the real ascent has finally arrived!

A 181 km track featuring two very challenging climbs, according to Swiss racing tradition. The first climb is approximately halfway along the roadfor Novinbase. The altitude recognized as GPM is 13.6 km at 7.8% but in fact the road will start to climb much earlier until it reaches 2,478 metres.

If the first ascent is indeed capable of a great choice, then in the second we will witness a great battle. We will climb up to 2048m from the Moosalp altitude with a 17.7km climb at 7.6% which will constitute the second largest “out of class” GPM. Today’s trajectory will inevitably leave its mark on the overall rating.

Vlasov fired the first message yesterday, but Jacob Vogelsang, Geriant Thomas and Nelson Bowles hit back in attendance. Domenico Pozofevo just lost a 10″ and can look for the bang on a track very suitable for his characteristics. Interest is also in Sergio Higuita and Ion Izagiri, without excluding Dani Martinez, Thibaut Pinot and Remko Evenpoel, despite the difficulties of the last stage. Estimated departure at 11.40 am, Our live broadcast will start at 2.00pm, don’t miss it!

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