Barbecue, what not to do when you cook

With the advent of summer, the use of barbecues is increasing: there are many people who love outdoor barbecue in the company. But it is important to pay attention to the way the food is cooked.

Barbecue is always very popular: many people use it, especially with the arrival of summer. Outdoor barbecues are also a time to spend with friends.

Barbecue, be careful not to make certain mistakes (web source)

But it is important to pay attention to how the food is cooked. In fact, barbecue may be a carcinogen.

Why is barbecue food so good?

Food cooked on a barbecue is usually considered tastier. There is a “scientific” explanation for that Maillard’s reaction. In fact, cooking is a chemical process capable of modifying food at the molecular level.

When the meat is cooked using the grill, the spilled water evaporates to dryness. At this point, the heat will start a chemical process that causes a “crust” to form on the surface – this explains the crunchier and greater flavor of food cooked with barbecue.

Barbecue Hazards

When using the barbecue, it is good to keep this in mind The way grill heat reaches food is very different from other types of cooking. This process is known as delivery, as foods are cooked faster. This is caused by the “live flame” of the barbecue. Food heated by a flame will turn brown, while the sides and top surface are cooked by irradiation.

As already mentioned, it is necessary not to make certain mistakes when cooking food with the grill. We talked about the crunchiness of grilled foods – a feature that many people like. But, If burned excessively, the food develops carcinogenic chemicals, become dangerous to our bodies. One of the main risks is lung cancer.

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The same goes for smoking. When food is cooked on the grill, smoke is emitted which makes the dish especially tasty. According to surveys conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Foods that absorb more smoke than they should can become dangerous to health. This is because smoke can also contain carcinogens. There are many studies on the link between smoking and cancer.

In conclusion, the difficulty of cooking food with barbecue should not be underestimated. Being careful not to burn food too much and not to allow it to absorb an excessive amount of smoke is essential to everyone’s health.

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