Bologna-Milan Final: Psychological submission, press releases from Olympia and Virtus

The president of Bologna had spoken of “Armani’s psychological submission”. The controversy continues the next day with the exchange of accusations through press releases

A post-match storm at the end of Match 5 of the tournament final between Virtus and Olympia, was won by Bolognese (but Milan leads the 3-2 series). Massimo Zanetti, president of the V blacks, spoke of a “great victory despite the referees” and sharply attacked the referees: “It is time to stop psychologically submitting to Milan and Messina.” The response of the Olympia coach was ready: “There were two different referees – said Ettore Messina – a Virtus player came out and insulted the referees, and our referee was punished.”

first contact

Today’s Olympic press release arrived: “After taking note of the announcements made by Doctor Zanetti after match five, Balkanastro Olympia Milano announces his surprise and indignation at the words, insinuations and tones used by owner Virtus Bologna. The property is known throughout Europe for its veracity and style. Unfortunately, this is not the first time in which Dr. Zanetti indulges in unwarranted and abusive considerations towards our club and its members. In addition to being inventive and baseless., at this moment they are also as irresponsible as those who were released by other members of the Bologna community on the eve of a series that should have It shows only the good part of our movement. So Olympia calls on the Federation to activate the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to check if there are any details regarding penalties against Virtus and its property. At the same time, he recommends his fans not to respond to the provocations of the other side and to show what Olympia’s style is again.”

Bologna response

Virtus’ response was not long, again with a statement: “Although fully focused on preparing for tomorrow’s match, Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna believes that some clarification is necessary regarding today’s statement, surprising in some respects, from Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano. By Dr. Zanetti immediately after the end of last night’s game he had no offensive content towards AC Milan or its members, let alone his property which he repeatedly expressed with respect and esteem.Less than all the same statements of Dr. Zanetti – as well as others from Virtus – can be considered unfair. Responsible The commitment, in terms of investments and total dedication, which Virtus Bologna has showered in recent years demonstrates the extent to which Dr. Zanetti and the entire staff of the club have been involved in the growth and development of the entire Italian basketball movement so that the call to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to take action to assess the penalties for advertisements for Wrong and void damages to other subjects or clubs are out of place. And tomorrow, meanwhile, at 20.30 we return to the Assago Forum for match 6 of the tournament final, still decisive.

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