Bots create huge queues for NFTs, to play instantly you have to pay –

. economic model Ni no Kuni: Across the RealmsBased on NFT And cryptocurrency, creates an unsustainable situation for players. In fact, to get to the servers there very long tails Created by bots that hunt NFTs.

If it wasn’t already serious enough, how weird, developer Netmarble thought of making the situation worse, which as a solution to the problem suggested a $7.99 daily pass to skip the line. Yes, you got it right: by paying an exorbitant tax every day you get the right to share before others.

Of course for many, the pass seemed to be a way not to favor regular players, but to take advantage of the NFT hunters, so that I could immediately get to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds and start doing their ‘work’.

Of course, imagining that for many this should be the future of the video game world, it raises some really bad ideas, which are better not to report.

Let’s make it clear, if you didn’t get it: Right now, those who simply want to play Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds have two options: wait for hours in line or pay a daily tax to access servers full of bots that breed NFTs.

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